St. Xavier's perceives each of its students, as free men and women of our pluralistic society, who through its thought process and human engagement contribute towards a more integrated, rational, egalitarian and caring society.

St. Xavier's students will be confident and life-long learners responsible for their learning, risk-takers and through their positive efforts contribute towards the growth of the community they belong to.

They will be required to acquire the ability to do complex thinking and problem solving and the ability to qualitatively improve products and processes that affect them and their community.

Driven by this personal conviction to make a difference, each Xavierite strives towards :

As an institution of learning, we engage our students in the quest for knowledge and truth, believing that such engagement will equip them to make sound judgements as individuals, family members and citizens. We provide individual guidance to students as they strive for academic excellence and develop values that will guide them in meaningful and productive lives. Our dual emphasis on intellectual and personal growth flows from our belief that learning is valuable for its own sake, for the sake of those who learn, and for the sake of society as a whole.