Students are required to report to school always in the prescribed uniform. Parents are requested to go through the details of the uniforms as given below. Strict adherence to the following specifications is expected from the pupils.

L.K.G. & U.K.G. Red Checks Shirt Red Trousers / Skirts & Red Socks N. B. Red coloured Patka for Sikh students.
III-X Skin coloured half sleeve shirts Light Brown Trousers / Skirt & Skin coloured Socks
I,II & XI-XII Off-white light camel coloured stripes shirt Dark Brown Trousers / Skirt & Skin coloured Socks N.B. Skin Coloured Patka for Sikh Students
L.K.G. & U.K.G. Red Sweater or blazer with school emblem
III-X Dark brown sweater, light brown blazer with school emblem and long skin coloured stockings (Girls)
I,II Light brown sweater and tweed blazer
N.B. Blazer with school emblem is compulsory from Std. V onwards.
Boys Girls
Classes I-V - White shorts, white socks, housewise T-shirt
(Only in Summer) White tennis shoes, white patka for those who keep long hair.
Class VI onwards - White trousers, white socks, housewise, T-Shirts
(only in summer) white tennis shoes, white patkas for those who tie turbans.
White skirt for I to V and for VI and above white divided skirt, housewise T-Shirts
(Only in Summer) white long legged socks, white tennis shoes, white ribbons.
Parents are requested to see that the children come to school in proper
uniform, neat and tidy, otherwise the child may not be admitted in the class.
School uniform specified above can be changed by School Management.
However the pupils will be given reasonable time to get the uniform stitched if so required.
Pupils with unkempt hair styles would be prevented from attending school.
Windcheater and jackets to be allowed only for travel and not within the school premises.
Shoes must be simple black leather. Boys are to wear shoes with laces. Slip - ons are not allowed.
The school belt is an essential part of the school uniform.
Every student must carry his/her identity card to school every day.
Simple wrist watches are allowed to be worn from class 6th onwards.
Trousers must be according to the School pattern. Boys are not allowed to wear coloured vests. Girls having shoulder length hair should tie 2 plaits and others a black hair band. No fashionable hair cut is permitted e.g. step cut. No fancy earrings, bangles or finger rings, to be worn.
Growing of nails and using nail polish is forbidden.
Girls are not allowed to put Mehandi on their palms, irrespective of any occasion/festival (Fine will be imposed)